A few of the first hand accounts from Elm & Clover customers.


My husband and I use the Gardener's Scrub on a daily basis. Between gardening or working in the garage, it woks like a charm at removing grime after a hard day's work.

-Mary W. 


I take my skincare routine seriously. I'm talking 7 step nightly routine serious. My standards are high and Elm & Clover meet them with their natural ingredients, making them an easy and smart option.

-Jianna M. 


I use the Gardener's Bar all season long. It cleans my grimy hands after a day of planting or tending without harsh chemicals. I highly recommend! 

-Kathleen S.


I love the Citrus Sunrise soap. The scent is absolutely refreshing and the soap itself is moisturizing. Having sensitive skin, I love that this soap is naturally made.

-Shivali M.


I absolutely love this soap company! Their products have transformed by skincare routine. The simple yet elegant scents make each shower a spa-like experience, and my skin had never felt softer or looked healthier. Plus, I appreciate their commitment to eco-friendly packaging. Highly recommend Elm & Clover to everyone!

- Albino S.


I want to known what's going in my skincare products and with big box names I can read the ingredients, but don't KNOW the ingredients. E&C keeps it simple, clean, and affordable.

-Michael M.


The Gardener's Scrub soap is the best soap I've tried so far. It's often out of stock, so I guess others agree. Leaves my skin feeling super clean, has a good lather, nice scent, and doesn't leave a film in my tub.

-Don V.


I am in love with these soaps! I love that not only do I have options for great body bar soap, but also great options for my face. I've noticed my skin feeling softer, and my skin looking brighter. The mix of essential oils for great scents is also a plus! Definitely recommend! 

-Jazmin G.