Are Elm & Clover products unisex?

Yes. All Elm & Clover products are designed for everyone, and combinations can provide unique experiences that can benefit all skin types. Our scented products are designed to be refreshing and not gender specific, and each is formulated for a light aroma that adds to cleansing experiences without overpowering the senses.

What products are best to clean my face?

We would recommend our facial care products, the Nevermore Charcoal and Pink Koala facial soaps. Of course, natural oils offer a thorough clean for different skin types, but with added cleansing properties of clays and charcoal can go further to remove excess oils and dirt that can otherwise clog pores.

Are there any scent free products?

Definitely. While Elm & Clover offers products that only utilize essential oils instead of alcohol-based fragrances for especially sensitive skin types, E & C offers scent free products. Our Nevermore Charcoal is scent free for a wonderfully clean face wash, and our Baby’s Bottom soap provides a total body clean without any fragrance.

I have sensitive skin; what soap would be best?

All Elm & Clover soaps are designed to be particularly effective for everyone’s skin care needs. Our Baby’s Bottom is especially meant for sensitive skin with higher cocoa butter and olive oil for a delightfully aromatic and moisturizing cleaning experience.

Is there a soap recommended for dry skin?

Elm & Clover’s Honeyed Bliss Hydrating bar offered a blend of honey and aloe vera with cocoa and shea butter for a truly hydrating feel. Our Lavender Castile bar also offers a combination of olive and coconut oil to help soothe dry skin, although we encourage you to discuss the best treatment for your skin with your healthcare professional. 

Are there any animal ingredients in your products?

Elm & Clover prides itself on being an all-natural, plant-based company. While the majority of our products do not use any animal products and are plant based, our Honeyed Bliss does use honey.

Do your products use alcohol-based scents?

All Elm & Clover scents use essential oil blends specifically to avoid the drying properties of alcohol-based fragrances. None of our products contain any alcohol-based scents.